Thursday, 5 December 2013

Torre Attack

White pursues quick and harmonious development, will bolster his d4-pawn by c2–c3, then often enforces e2–e4 to obtain attacking chances on the kingside as the Torre Bishop pins the f6-knight. If White plays an early c4, the opening will transpose to a number of more common queen pawn openings, such as the Queen's Gambit or one of the various Indian defences.

The opening is named after the Mexican grandmaster Carlos Torre Repetto, who beat former World Champion Emanuel Lasker with it. The variation was also employed bySavielly Tartakower, Boris Spassky, and Tigran Petrosian early in his career. Among top-level players it perhaps has been most utilized by Jan Timman, Alexey Dreev, andPentala Harikrishna.[1]

The Torre Attack is rarely met in modern top-flight play as a "Go to or Primary" system, and statistics suggest that it is not particularly advantageous for White.[2] Due to its calm nature and relative lack of theory, however, it is popular at club level, giving White chances to seize a middlegame initiative. In recent years it has also been used against Black's kingside fianchetto pawn structure.

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