Saturday, 25 January 2014

Guidance - Rules to Live By

1. Take a little more time; maybe even 10 minutes a move. If you do this, you will quit dropping pieces to 1400 players which helped me a lot.

2. Learn more about the openings. You have already made tremendous progress in this area but you could make still more with just a little effort.

3. Quit launching banzai attacks. I finally got around to studying my games with you and quit castling into certain death and my results improved accordingly.

4. I have also started preparing my openings to a pretty high level when I am playing in theme tournaments; 20 moves deep in some cases. I have been able to beat or draw some pretty high rated players as a result.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

London System Game

by Sverre Johnson and Vlatko Kovacevic
In the first chapter, Kovacevic includes one of his infamous games of 1980 against Hans Ree.  This game has inspired many Londoneers!
Vladimir Kovacevic (?) vs. Hans Ree (?)
Maribor | Maribor | 1980 | ECO: D02 | 1-0
1. d4Nf62. Nf3d53. Bf4e64. Nbd2c55. e3Be76. c3O-O7. Bd3Nbd7The ideal London System!
8. h4!b68.h4 is ignored!
9. Ne5Nxe510. dxe5Nd711. Bxh7+A Bishop sac!
11... Kxh712. Qh5+Kg813. Nf3f614. Ng5A Knight sac!
14... fxg515. hxg5Rf516. Qh7+Kf717. g6+Ke818. Qxg7Bf819. Qh8Was this the best move?
19... Rg520. Qg8Nxe521. Bxe5Kd722. Rh8Hmmm...why not the quick Rh7+?
22... Bb723. Qh7+Black resigned and his book revealed possible continuations, like 23...Qe7 24.Bf6 or 23...Kc6 24.g7